It was a great experience to work with Vita, I really enjoyed working with her, she was always very positive and motivated at work. I was really impressed how Vita was interacting with the students so naturally and with passion. She was always well prepared and organized, it was a pleasure to cooperate with her.

Tereza, AFS Mezikulturní programy, o.p.s.

Vita possesses a great sense of empathy and understanding towards children and the challenges they are facing. With strong personal engagement, she uses her knowledge and experience with great effect while providing a space where each child feels welcome.

Simona & Nina, PIKA – Day Centre for Children and Youth

Vita’s mentoring approaches always inspired me because of her great ability to develop a trustful relationship with each of her students. Her methods of offering guidance and support made the students feel safe, confident and appreciated for who they are.

Tamara, ZNI – Institute for New Age Education

Vita is an amazing combination of a friend and an educator: kids like her and connect with her immediately, while at the same time they respect and obey her. She is a rare find.


I could use pages to describe Brandes, but instead I will try to collect my thoughts about her as a beautiful person in a few sentences. The second we met her she won us over with her joyful personality and she managed to transition that on our kids. She has a beautiful connection with them, she has a way that makes you feel like you know her and easily approach her, and that l think is crucial when it comes to introducing a new person to your child’s life. She is creative, bright, innovative, has a great sense of humor and l can personally claim she is a great addition to every school she will step in.

Eva Jukic

Brandes is a kind, and thorough teacher and my son was drawn to her playful nature immediately. She is energetic, positive and fun at all times. We felt so lucky to have her as the homeroom teacher not only because she monitored the kids feelings and requests closely but also because she was extremely caring and versatile. Her love for arts & crafts and creativity will definitely surprise you each day!

Nazli Aksu

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