Why does food matter at CT?

If we hop into our time machine and go back 50 years, imagine the faces of fascination when we tell the world that we will have the ability to access almost any cuisine on our doorstep within minutes of clicking a button. All of this new technology sounds great on paper right? Unfortunately, the world is revolving around the mass production of cheap, processed foods filled with fat, salt and sugar whilst lacking the important nutrients that your child needs to develop physically and mentally. It has never been so easy to access such a wide variety of unhealthy meats, snacks and takeaway foods. 

“Came from a plant, eat it; was made in a plant, don’t.”

 ~Michael Pollan

If you try to research the necessities for child development, the number one priority on any list will be the food that they consume. Unfortunately, we live in a society which deems healthy food to be a luxury. Some families have no choice but to feed processed meats and takeaway dinners to their children for no other reason than it being the cheapest and least time-consuming option. Whether this be due to insufficient funds or their busy schedule, it should not have to be this way. Who can blame them? On some apps like Bolt and Uber Eats, it’s far cheaper and quicker to order fast food to your doorstep rather than finding recipes, buying the food and cooking it yourself for the family. So why should we go the extra mile to make sure our children are eating correctly?

“Even in this high-tech age, the low-tech plant continues to be the key to nutrition and health.”

~Jack Weatherford

Most of us are aware that processed food (especially meats) greatly increases the risk of many diseases in children including obesity, high blood pressure and cancers. All scary stuff, but it’s true and needs talking about. More young people are suffering from life threatening heart conditions, some that we don’t know about until it’s too late. Long term heart disease is another huge risk factor, one that can be prevented by taking small steps that have a huge impact.

“Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high.”

~Anne M. Mulcahy

Another factor of you and your child having a high processed and high carb diet is the affects that it has on mental illness. This topic, although it has been getting more attention in the media recently, still isn’t spoken about enough. Certainly, not everyone understands how mental health is linked to a poor diet. The reality is diet and mental health goes hand in hand. Self-esteem is so important throughout a young person’s life and this confidence can be heavily knocked down if they suffer from obesity however, depression is still caused by a bad diet even if obesity is not a contributing factor. High sugar levels are linked with poor academics since it affects our concentration. It also increases mood swings and lack of motivation to learn and prosper. This is because processed foods and fast food lack essential fatty acids including Omega-3 and Omega-6 which are a necessity, for the manufacture of cell membranes. A lack of these fatty acids is also linked with anti-social behaviour.

“Health is a relationship between you and your body”

~Terri Guillemets

Here at Cherry Tree, we provide delicious vegan lunches which are high in important nutrients and low in fat. Children can be timid during the first week of eating with us however, once they see their friends tucking in, they begin to finish their plate in no time. They’re heavily influenced by their peers, we like to use that to our advantage! 

Our lunches give you breathing space from having to think of different healthy meals every night for your children and allow you to take the easier option in cooking within moderation. In the first week of your little one experiencing our healthy option, you’ll notice your child will start to be more adventurous at the dining table which goes hand in hand with life in general. Children should be curious about food instead of fearing it and the same goes with exploring the world. It all starts with a knife and fork!

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