Question Master

When I wake up in the morning I yell,
Moooooom daaaaaaad. 
It's time for another day of asking questions,
My parents don’t look so glad. 
What makes a car go,
And why is the sky blue?
How many fingers does a T-rex have,
And why do I need to close my mouth when I chew?
What are we doing here,
And why do stars twinkle?
How much salt is in the ocean?
And why does grandma have so many wrinkles?
What happens when you die,
And why do people have different colored skin?
How are babies made?
And why does that lady have so many chins?
What does a pirate say, 
And why do astronauts float in outer space?
How do birds fly,
And why do flowers need water when they’re in a vase?
My questions are incessant,
And some are worth cherishing. 
But when we’re out in public,
They can be downright embarrassing. 
Deep inside my brain,
Things are changing and growing.
I’m working hard to piece together the world,
So the questions keep flowing.
Be patient with me,
 These questions can sometimes be tough.
But thorough and honest answers,
Will always be enough. 
Why does it rain,
And what is that juice only parents can drink?
I see it over there,
It’s in a bottle next to the sink. 
Goodnight question master, 
My parents said.
Another big day of asking questions,
Lies ahead. 

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