Object Permanence: The Story of Alexandra Marie

Hello I’m Alexandra Marie, 
I’m seven months old and as happy as can be.
I love to play with my friends and say “ooh la la” like they do in France,
When my teacher plays my favorite song, I always get up to dance.
Peek-a-boo is my favorite game, there it is, there it isn’t,
I get so excited my heart goes caprizant!

Then one day when I got dropped off at school I threw a fit,
“She didn’t get much sleep last night” My mother said, “That must be it.”
Now everyday when I get dropped off I scream and I shout,
My parents say, “What’s going on with her, we can’t figure it out!”
 They exclaim wearily, “She never did this before, 
Why is she being so clingy, and throwing herself onto the floor?”

It doesn’t just happen at school, I do it at home too.
When my parents leave the room for a moment, my world goes askew.
When I’m with them I’m content, secure, and glad,
The second they leave I cry “Please don’t go I love you mom and dad!”
This behaviour can be exhausting to parents, relatives, and friends,
But this typical part of brain development will soon suspend. 

Deep inside my brain things are changing and growing,
My ability to retain object permanence is showing! 
Object permanence, scientists call it, it starts to become clear,
That things and people exist whether they are far or near. 
That’s why I cry out when I see you are leaving,
Because now I know you’re in the other room, and my heart is heaving. 

Healthy habits and consistent routines will help ease my stress,
It’s not easy for families and friends, but I know you’re doing your best. 
Take some solace in knowing this is a temporary phase,
And soon we will all get out of this emotional maze. 
After a few short months I’ll regain my cognizance, 
And go back to being your bubbly girl who dances with confidence.

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