5 Fun Snow Outdoor Activities

There is something profoundly beautiful about snowy days. Winter wonderland is a magical place that creates an even playing field for everyone. All children; the sporty, the adventurous, the artists, and the performers, the bookworms, and the busy bees, can simply delight in the snowy escapades together, in pure and untethered joy. Building snow kingdoms, racing down snowy hills, or just rolling around and turning into human snowballs – the world is a blank canvas ready to be painted with their inexhaustible imagination. 

In Cherry Tree, snow-covered days are definitely among our favorites. The excitement to go out is never higher, and the little ones cannot get enough of snowy adventures. Cold is no match for our determination to make the most of this delightful time. 

Besides sledding, snow fights, and building snow creatures, here are five activities for some good quality time in the snow:

1. Look for animal tracks and play a twist on hide-and-seek that involves tracking the players

Learning about animals in winter and making a fun game out of tracking is a perfect combination of “business” and pleasure.

2. Blow frozen bubbles

For a fun science lesson, leave the bottle with a soapy solution outside for a while so it cools down. To start the experiment simply shake the wand through the air and observe closely as the bubbles fall and bounce off the ground. If you are quick and careful enough you might even catch one and see it freeze in your hands.

3. Look for a buried treasure

Seeking a secret treasure in the snow is a fun activity for all ages. All you need is something to look for, “the prize”, and friends to play with. You can adjust the difficulty, make up new rules, or add the classic hot-cold directions.

4. Make snow volcanoes

All you need for this icy volcano to erupt is a cup, some vinegar, baking soda, and red food coloring. Bury the cup into the snow to make a volcano, pour in baking soda, and food coloring, then add the vinegar… step back and enjoy the eruption (and be careful, because the floor is lava).

5. Snow painting

Make your yard the canvas for some astounding artistry. Just mix water with food coloring and put it into any kind of bottle (you can use any props you can think of for this one), then let the kids go wild and splatter it all around for a Jackson Pollock style décor.

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