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Welcome to Cherry Tree Early Years Centre, a place to learn and grow with nature!

Inspired by forest kindergarten education, Cherry Tree combines outdoor learning and play to give each child a well-rounded, meaningful start to their educational journey. Children aged 1-6 years old are welcomed into our international, English speaking environment.

At Cherry Tree, we believe in the importance of children spending time in nature and the benefits that our outdoor curriculum provides. Through exploration, and observation children become more empathetic while self-motivating and directing their own learning.

The name of our center comes from the beautiful Cherry Tree which stands tall in our garden.


Our vision

At Cherry Tree, we believe that nature provides endless opportunities for a child’s healthy physical and mental development. Experience has shown us that an outdoor environment improves children’s motivation, contributes to increased physical activity, helps develop their early social life skills, and promotes overall well-being.

We encourage children to take part in taking care of our beautiful garden so each child can contribute to its well-being and benefit from its produce. Through play, children obtain practical knowledge about ecology and sustainability while witnessing the miracles of nature in front of their own eyes. At Cherry Tree children enjoy a unique opportunity to organically understand the cycle of life while being an active and creative part of it.

Our story

We are Prague based educators with different life paths. Together, we bring you a unique nature-based early education concept inspired by forest education. We believe that the best days end in dirty clothes and we spend time outdoors, rain or shine! At Cherry Tree, we follow the Framework Education Program for Preschools issued by the Czech Ministry of Education and provide our children with a fully-fledged preschool curriculum.

Our Team


Nikola is the head of the school, she oversees and develops our educational vision and she is responsible for the curriculum planning as well as the school administration. Nikola has spent the past 9 years in the UK and the US, working with children of all ages. She has an excellent understanding of child development and her creativity inside and outside the classroom knows no bounds. The children love her too!

She studied Early Child Psychology at Stanford University in San Francisco.

In her free time, Nikola enjoys backpacking, theatre, painting and philosophy.


Zuzka is the head teacher at the nursery class. She holds a Master’s degree in pedagogy from the Masaryk University in Brno and recently completed her certified training in caring for children from the age of six months. She has years of experience working with children in language schools, summer camps, kindergartens and as an au-pair. She has a very calming personality and this is reflected by the children’s behaviour around her.

She loves spending her spare time in the gym, reading and camping in the summertime.


Nafsika’s journey in working with children began during her undergraduate studies in early childhood education at the University of Athens.
To further enhance her expertise, she pursued a Master’s degree in Applied Theater, a unique discipline that seamlessly integrates the power of performing arts into the real of education.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Nafsika spends her free time immersed in nature. She enjoys theater and maintaining an active lifestyle through regular workouts.


Klaudia is a forest-inspired kindergarten teacher. With three years of experience teaching in a forest school, she believes that children learn best when immersed in nature. Klaudia is passionate about creating outdoor learning experiences that foster holistic development. Through hands-on exploration, nature walks, and creative activities, she encourages her students to engage with their surroundings and develop a deep appreciation for the natural world. Klaudia holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and her warm and nurturing approach builds strong relationships with her students, creating a safe and supportive environment. She actively advocates for outdoor education and continuously refines her teaching methods to provide the best learning experiences.


Anna is from Prague. Founding a forest kindergarten was a dream of hers since her own children were born. To Cherry Tree, she brings her experience and vision about innovative preschool education. Anna is originally a lawyer, but currently she is pursuing her Master’s degree in education and taking care of her growing family.


At Cherry Tree, we enjoy our time outside whatever the weather! Our program allows for lessons, free play, and exploration to take place outside. With this flexible program, the children at Cherry Tree learn and play in the fresh air, safely and securely.


24.700 CZK/month

FULL DAY PROGRAM 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

19.400 CZK/month


Additional programs may be arranged

Enrolment is open throughout the year.
To request more information or to book a tour, please fill in the contact form below:


We are hiring!

We are currently recruiting a preschool teacher to join our team, please see the full description here.

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